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26 Navy | Summer 2018 deployment," he said. "So the boss has a vested interest in doing whatever is necessary to say you're certified." at creates a situation where the 7th Fleet commander and staff would be incentivized to take shortcuts, he said. e Navy is installing CNSG WP to act as that "honest broker" and be able to say "no" to ships and crews that aren't ready to sail. is has created a bit of a backlog for the Navy in Asia, but the organization is working through it to get ships up to speed, Clark said. Right now, there are about 11 cruisers and destroyers available to the Navy in that region at the moment. Clark believes that CNSG WP will have worked through the backlog by the end of the summer. "It's not like there's been necessarily a dearth of ships in 7th Fleet," he said. "Certainly, some had to be taken back and put into maintenance or had to go back and do some remedial training and certification. But for the most part, they are all certified to do some operations." Regardless of any short-term pain, Dromerhauser says the work of new organization is vital if the Navy is going to operate a fleet in Asia with an acceptable level of readiness. "Leaders must insist that their teams and their vessels be properly manned, trained and equipped, and it's our job to help them realize their expectations," he said. "Competent, experienced officers and Sailors will have what's necessary to sail into harm's way. While we are making real progress, our work is not done. In the near term, we're on the right track and getting better every day. ere is no finish line in assessing and reas- sessing the means by which our team support crew and ship preparedness." n Daniel P. Taylor is an Arlington, Va.-based freelance writer specializing in Navy and Marine Corps acquisition and development programs. MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST 3RD CLASS CHRISTOPHER JAHNKE Hull Maintenance Technician Fireman Cola Parsley, attached to the U.S. 7th Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge, makes pipe repairs on March 18 by silver brazing. Silver brazing is the process of joining two pieces of metal using thin film of silver brazing filler metal. Blue Ridge in March entered a final upkeep and training phase in Yokosuka, Japan, in preparation to become fully mission capable for operations.

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