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38 Navy | Summer 2018 PIXABAY MILITARY TRANSITIONS M otivated professionals know that keeping up with the times isn't a luxury — it's an absolute necessity if you want to excel in your chosen field. Whether you have been in your industry for a decade or are just beginning your career, maintaining your competitive edge at work, on a resume, or during a job inter- view requires one key component: Relevancy. When it comes to your job, relevancy means more than knowing the basics. Relevancy demands that you revisit the basics and take the initiative to grow beyond them. Yes, the world does move at a crazy pace, and it can feel difficult to slow down long enough to drink a cup of coffee, much less work on developing your skill set. But you are going to need that cup of coffee if you are going to make it through the rest of the day, just like you need to take the time to maintain or refresh the skills and knowledge you need to stay competitive. Continuous learning does not require taking out a loan or getting accepted into a lengthy degree program. In the world of Web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?), the opportu- nity to learn is almost always just a few clicks away. You may have five minutes, or you may have an hour. e important thing is that you make time to keep the skills you have and develop the ones you will need to make you a more competitive candidate. Here are some easy steps to get you learning something new every day: ❑ Actively engage in knowledge management and production in your workplace. Do you sit back and wait for someone else to come up with the solution, or are you the go-getter who researches options, reads the systems updates and knows the impact? Do you attend the Lunch and Learns, or have you proposed creating one? ❑ Listen to industry-related podcasts and apply your new-found knowledge. Do you have a commute? A necessary chore that could be done with headphones? ere are podcasts for every subject under the sun, and chances are that there is at least one that overlaps with your industry or a skill set that would help advance your chances at a job or promotion. Press play and take advantage of your virtual classroom. ❑ Take advantage of opportunities your employer offers. In the Navy, you have training that aligns with your career progression. Your civilian company also may offer training and leadership opportunities, but most of the time they are not mandatory. You will not be told to participate. It's up to you to take advantage of the resources your company offers. Have a chance to attend a leadership conference? Is a team offering a webinar to go over updates to your tools? Raise your hand, volunteer to learn something new. In addition to updating or gaining a new skill, your participation will not go unnoticed. When you take advantage of these opportunities, you show your investment in the organization and its success, as well as your own. ❑ Learn new skills through free online tutorials. If you feel like you only ever have five minutes, you can still acquire new knowledge every day. Maintain Your Career Edge by Continuously Learning By Jamie Libby Boyle, Ph.D.

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