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10 Navy | Fall 2018 AUSN STAFF PHOTO Membership Update The Relevance of Your AUSN Membership and the Future I n 1961, then CNO Admiral George Anderson said that "e Navy has both a tradition and a future – and we look with pride and con•dence in both directions." We agree with the good admiral. ese words provide the perfect navigational beacons for AUSN to follow by encouraging all of us to unite and to sharpen our mission focus for the course ahead. We're making steam and some great examples are the "Pass the Torch Campaign" that's earned enough to sponsor over 500 young sailors as new AUSN members, and the Anchor Society that has Michael Stevens, 13th MCPON, as its chairman to help our members be involved in the process of charting our course. We've been heeding what our members have been saying they want in their organization and listening to what today's sailors need to be successful. Around the oŒce, we're aŽectionately calling our strategy the "2020 Vision Plan," as the double meaning works well in describing the clarity for our organization's growth path for the next two years and beyond. e word is getting out that AUSN is doing what many other Navy organizations dream of doing — that is, to "contemporize" our association. In Groton, Conn., where the newly formed AUSN "Nautilus" Chapter resides, a group of over 500 strong met in support of AUSN's eŽorts. At AUSN's recent Annual Meeting, we took chal- lenging steps by adjusting our organizational structure to maxi- mize our future eŽort. e secret sauce? MCPON Stevens essentially summed up AUSN's future focus by noting that our synergy must align with three important "betters" that every sailor is concerned about: to "make a better Navy, become better sailors, and provide better for Navy families and veterans." Competitive Navy, competent sailors, committed AUSN. Aye. e legacy of AUSN includes the axiom that all the best naval equipment in the world is pointless AUSN was honored to present a wreath in com- memoration of America's Veterans during this year's Veteran's Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cem- etery. Representing AUSN from the Seabees Navy Support Unit, Washington, DC, were (from right to left): CPO Travis Young, PO2 Brandon Engalsbe, a VFW escort in white attire, PO2 Rachel Eddleman and, PO1 Colter Smith.

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