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The Navy is seeking conformity among simulation training domains By Nick Adde 18 Navy | Fall 2018 A s virtual training plays an ever-increasing role in ensuring readiness within the eet, the Navy is constantly looking for ways to improve it. Meanwhile, many systems now in use are reaching the late stages of their functionality, and training scenarios frequently tend to call for the real and virtual environments to function together in increasingly complicated ways. While the combination creates oppor- tunities and generates cost savings that heretofore were unheard of, it comes with its own set of challenges. •e systems are disparate, made by di•erent manufacturers and owned by individual agencies within the Navy. Navy leadership believes this diverse myriad is working well enough, but they also believe it could be better. U.S. MARINE CORPS SGT. Z ACHARY ORR LIVE, VIRTUAL, AND CONSTRUCTIVE SPECIAL SECTION TRAINING IN THE MODERN NAVY

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