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Live, virtual, constructive, creates new training opportunities to boost the UHDGLQHVVRIWKHÁHHW By Edward Lundquist A s virtual training plays an ever-increasing role in ensuring readiness within the eet, the Navy is constantly looking for ways to improve it. Meanwhile, many systems now in use are reaching the late stages of their function- ality, and training scenarios frequently tend to call for the real and virtual environments to function together in increasingly complicated ways. Training begins with the end in mind. •at's how Retired Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags, former head of Naval Air Systems Command, put it. And live, virtual, constructive may hold the key to doing it e‚ectively. "For us to train our operators for the high-end …ght, we need to do that in a live, virtual, and construc- tive training environment," he said at a panel at the Sea-Air-Space Symposium in 2017. "We simply do not have the range extent, or the ability to lay down the threat environments eŽciently to fully train our operators any other way than LVC," he continued. "And there is the OPSEC (oper- ational security) issue. We really don't want anyone watching when we're doing full-up training." So how do you provide realistic training with strike groups and multiple units? LVC training must be fully integrated into the eet for that to happen, he argued. Investments in digital modeling are the big enabler of LVC. •e service needs to look at all the digital models of the threat our forces may face, the friendly forces they may …nd themselves working with, and the di‚erent environments they may be operating in, Fire Controlman 2nd Class Kenneth Bogard aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy takes part in an O•ce of Naval Research demonstration of training which combines software and gaming technology. A NEW ERA OF TRAINING 22 Navy | Fall 2018 MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST 2ND CLASS ROBERT STIRRUP SPECIAL SECTION TRAINING IN THE MODERN NAVY

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