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ISTOCKPHOTO 34 Navy | Fall 2018 TRDP is going away January 1, 2019. It's time to learn, shop and take action to keep covered. A re you one of the more than 2 million retired service members that may need to make a decision about dental and vision coverage this fall? If you are covered by the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP), your plan will end on December 31, 2018. It's important to learn about your options and take action so you have coverage for the new year. Now's a great time to review your vision coverage too, and make changes as needed. Dental and vision insurance can help you take the ‡nancial steps needed to keep physically healthy. Your wealth and your health are directly connected, and weathering the storm without the right coverage and bene‡ts can lead to a potential drain on your savings. It's not just the catastrophic costs that sneak up on us and knock us oŠ our ‡nancial balance, it can be the little things that maybe we take for granted. It's important to shop for coverage that meets your needs in both bene‡ts and budget. Here are three tips to use when looking at getting your Dental and Vision needs covered before TRDP expires: 1. Determine your needs and wants - Whether you are looking for coverage for just you or for your family, it's important to consider what you need to have covered based on your health history or concerns, and how you want your plan to work. Dental HMO plans vs. Dental PPO plans are going to vary in cost, –exibility and bene‡t levels. Vision plans have diŠerent coverages as well — some vision plans cover Lasik while others don't — so understanding covered services and limits is important. 2. Consider the total cost of your plan – We naturally look for the best bargain, however, it's important that you compare both costs and bene‡ts provided during your search. Look at premiums, co-pays and bene‡t limits across any plans you are considering. Also, review speci‡c bene‡ts like allowances for frames or contact lenses as well as maximum Tricare Dental for Retirees is Ending Three tips to shopping for Dental and Vision Coverage Sean Scaturro, CFP® - Director of Life and Health Insurance Advice for USAA USAA INSURANCE ADVICE

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