Navy magazine is distributed on Capitol Hill,the Pentagon and naval bases around the world. It provides information that impacts Sailors, their families and the Navy. Navy is published quarterly by the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN).

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10 Navy | Fall/Winter 2017 Membership Update A s we steam towards the close of a busy year for AUSN, your crew at headquar- ters send heartfelt wishes of a joyful holiday season and a New Year full of possibilities. We are preparing for a pivotal year in 2018 for our Associ- ation. Some organizations call it a membership drive. Others, a recruitment campaign. We can't afford to be so blasé. So, we're just going to call it our course ahead for 2018. Simply put, we cannot be the "Voice for America's Sailors" without any Sailors to represent, and we can't do any of this without your help. When we do, our membership in our beloved organization has proven that the possibilities are as endless as they are envious. Our daily focus at Headquarters is to ensure that our Sailors are kept safe and our nation secure – we're up on the Hill wearing a path in the marble to protect our Shipmates – our calls for action are heard loudly throughout the rings of the Pentagon – our pleas of urgency are felt with gratitude in the hearts our Ship- mates who have returned with scars of battle that are seen and unseen. It's quite simple – as AUSN members, we hold within us the power to make our Shipmates' lives better, safer, smarter and healthier. From our remote corners of our nation, in the spirit of our commitment to the Navy, by the virtues of our comfortable homes, AUSN members can and must continue to support the mission at hand. We can and must be the personal catalysts of change for our Sailors. We can and must leave a collective legacy behind that decries the threats to our nation and "hooyahs" to the possibilities for our future Shipmates. Before you do anything else in the coming year, make it a personal goal to cast the AUSN line of hope to anyone who shares our mission. More importantly than occasionally enjoying this magazine, more neces- sary than giving way to complacency and far more important than anything we have done together to date. What will happen if we, as a crew, don't band together at this critical time of our nation and our orga- nization? Nothing. Just nothing. No Sailors exposed to the Burn Pits of Iraq and Afghanistan will receive the care they need. No hard questions will be asked about training, duty hours and OPSEC that potentially could prevent future collisions at sea. No voices will rise sticking up for the Navy families on the home front who've spent on average $67 million in food stamps in military commissaries just to get by. Most of all, no one at all will carry on your legacy of service and courage to speak up when something isn't right – or to give a hearty Bravo Zulu when a plan comes together. Plotting the Course for the Year Ahead You are needed now more than ever! ISTOCKPHOTO; MC3 KE VIN LEITNER

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