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TITLE OF COLUMN HERE 3 Association of the United States Navy W elcome to this Fall 2017 issue of Navy Maga- zine. We have just wrapped up several busy months, and are settling into our new location, conve- niently located off of major transit areas in Alexandria. In September, we officially dedi- cated our new headquarters facility and in October we held our latest Navy Now Forum on "bending the mili- tary health care cost curve," featuring Defense Health Agency Deputy Mr. Guy Kiyokawa at MICROSOFT's Policy and Innovation Center in downtown Washington D.C. By the time this issue arrives in your mailbox, AUSN will have concluded its fall Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting and our Annual Busi- ness Meeting (ABM). During those meetings, I had the opportunity to brief the board, our national officers, and the members attending the ABM about my first 90 days in the saddle as AUSN's National Executive Director. It has been quite a ride so far! As a retired Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) "nuts and bolts" kind of individual, you probably have an idea of the approach I have taken coming up my AUSN "learning curve": hit the decks running, check out every space, look at every program, and ask lots of questions. Part of this is the fact that I truly enjoy seeing new technology in action and how it finds its way into the workplace and into our homes. It is a big reason why I so thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Navy, too. e biggest technology driver today is how much the Information Age continues to dramatically trans- form our world. Years ago, I can remember watching the Apollo astronauts land on the moon and seeing camera footage showing the wreck of the RMS Titanic on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing compares, however, to the technology in the tiny, hand- held computer I carry in my pocket or briefcase. I look for it first — before my wallet and car keys — as I leave my house for AUSN. at amazing device is my Apple iPHONE 7 smart phone. Its 64-bit design with its embedded processor and variety of applications is more powerful than the AN/UYK-43, the Navy's standard 32-bit computer found on surface ships and submarines beginning in 1984. e UYK-43 was the computer aboard the USS Halyburton (FFG-40), the ship I commanded in 1993. My smart phone also set me back about $750 and I couldn't live without it today. AUSN's digital footprint, the Information Technology (IT) engine allowing us to track and communicate with our members, share informa- tion, collect donations, and pay our bills, is even more complex and just as technolo- gy-driven as my smart phone. It is great to have all of this "IT" with its ability to collect, process, analyze, and act on mountains of data, including the information found in our AUSN membership database. However, databases are only as accurate as the last bit of information someone added to the stack. In this issue, see how AUSN ran a virtual "man overboard drill" to test our databases…make sure your information is up to date! We are also counting on your support to help us grow our membership numbers, and this magazine makes a great gi for our Navy supporters. Best wishes to you and your families over the winter holidays! RADM Robert D. "NED" Reilly, Jr., USN (Ret.) FROM THE DESK OF THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR COURTESY OF AUSN; GARY NICHOLS Eight O'Clock Report Embracing the Information Age Hundreds of staff and students at the Center for Information Dominance Unit Corry Station muster early in the morning in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaac.

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