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Reunions 47 Association of the United States Navy WHAT: USS Hepburn (DE/FF 1055) WHEN: March 2 WHERE: San Antonio, TX POC: Eric Larson,, 301.293.3029 WHAT: USS Lloyd Thomas (DD/DDE 764) WHEN: March 14-17 WHERE: Jacksonville, FL POC: Scott Sheffer, lloydthomas@, 814.797.5458 WHAT: USS Nicholas (DD/DDE 449/ FFG 47) WHEN: March 14 WHERE: Honolulu, HI POC: John Bailey, johngregorybailey@, 831.234.4217 WHAT: USS F. Sherman (DD 931) WHEN: April 7 WHERE: Wilmington, NC POC: Kurt Wagemann, kurt., 410.652.1931 WHAT: USS Moale Assn. (DD 693) WHEN: April 22 WHERE: North Myrtle Beach, SC POC: Brian Wentz, razznotail@, 908.537.4104 WHAT: USS Richard E. Kraus (DD/EDD 849, AG 151) WHEN: April 22 WHERE: Charleston, SC POC: Bob Simon, simondd849@, 843.734.1041 WHAT: USS Manley (DD 940) WHEN: April 25-29 WHERE: Branson, MO POC: Charles Cooper Jr., chrcp6@aol. com, 515.669.8851 WHAT: USS Steinaker (DD 863) WHEN: April 26 WHERE: Virginia Beach, VA POC: Ken Kohnen, 904.654.7321 WHAT: USS Conserver (ARS 39) WHEN: April 26-29 WHERE: Jacksonville, FL POC: Kevin Weaver, kcwrdc@yahoo. com, 610.780.5484 WHAT: USS Vreeland (DE/FF 1068) WHEN: April 26-29 WHERE: Radisson, Branson, MO POC: Mark Smith, 817.454.5051 WHAT: USS Harlan County (LST 1196) WHEN: April 27-29 WHERE: Virginia Beach, VA POC: Dwight Price, 828.499.2293 WHAT: USS Wren (DD 568) WHEN: April. 23 WHERE: Omaha, NE POC: Ron Klemke, lklemke@gceagles. org, 308.772.3020 WHAT: Navy Postal Clerks WHEN: April 29 WHERE: San Antonio, TX POC: Alan Hass, hassommno1@aol. com, 717.226.1595 WHAT: USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB/CVA/CV 42) WHEN: May 16 WHERE: New Orleans, LA POC: Bob Siefker, rsiefker@indublue. com, 317.289.8489 WHAT: USS Kenneth. D. Bailey (DD/ DDR 713) WHEN: May 3-6 WHERE: Pensacola, FL POC: Ernie Pina,, 401.359.6289 WHAT: USS Rich (DD/DDE 820) WHEN: May 7 WHERE: North Little Rock, AR POC: Johnny Skillon, reunion@, 870.692.1173 WHAT: USS White Plains (AFS 4) WHEN: June 7-10 WHERE: San Diego, CA POC: Steve Edmisson, 801.985.3665 WHAT: USS Monongahela (AO 178) WHEN: June 13-17 WHERE: Pittsburgh, PA POC: Scott Anderson, Monongahela_, 757.620.0833 WHAT: USS John Young (DD 973) WHEN: June 22-24 WHERE: Mobile, AL POC: Michael Trotta, Reunion@dd973. org, 727.505.4222 WHAT: USS Power (DD 839) WHEN: June 24-28 WHERE: Portland, ME POC: John Pinto, 352.527.2352 WHAT: USS Yorktown (CG 48) WHEN: July 5-8 WHERE: Knoxville, TN POC: Craig Mass, ussyorktowncg48association@, 571.557.0758 BOAT NAME: WHAT: USS Sam Houston (SSBN/SSN 609) WHEN: Sept. 6-8 WHERE: Long Beach, CA The Queen Mary POC: Howard Dobson,, 302.764.1197 WHAT: USS Wexford Cty (LST 1168) WHEN: Sept. 15 WHERE: Long Beach, CA POC: Charles W. Strong, 413.297.2510 WHAT: USS Hornet (CV-8, CV, CVA, CVS-12) 70th reunion WHEN: Sept. 19-23 WHERE: Mobile, AL POC: Sandy Burket, hornetcva@aol. com, 814.224.5063 WHAT: USS Hopewell (DD 681) WHEN: Oct. 1 WHERE: San Antonio, TX POC: Doug Graybeal, douggraybeal@, 417.779.3643 WHAT: Naval Training Center Bainbridge, Md., 20th Annual Reunion For all men and women who served between 1942-1976 WHEN: Oct. 4-7 WHERE: Aberdeen, MD POC: Arline Caliger, President P.O. Box 147 Harrison TN 37341 Continued on next page

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