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11 Association of the United States Navy Membership Update A USN's recent implementation of our Pass the Torch Campaign is proving to be an excellent way to provide young Sailors with a means of connecting across the spectrum of experiences and ages as they serve. e Pass the Torch Campaign enables members just like you to provide memberships for young Sailors through a very special fund created for the program. Do you recall your earliest of days in the Navy? We hear from many that they had a good deal of determi- nation, along with a healthy dose of trepidation about how the future would unfold. Sailors today face the same issues. Just as for you, the competition for jobs, the demands for increased training and the real possi- bility of serving in war over- shadow the already strenuous everyday practical issues that come with Navy life. In its earliest days, AUSN's predecessor organization, the Naval Reserve Associa- tion, came to life because of the desire to connect with fellow crewmates, squadron members and even neigh- bors and friends. We can all agree that, in many ways, today's Sailors are unable to rely on the same methods of communication as their predecessors; communica- tion and information jet past many of us faster than a mission-bound F/A-18 Super Hornet multi-role strike fighter. Interestingly, a comment we at AUSN hear frequently from today's Sailors is that connections and reliable information are hard to come by — an idea we found contradictory in our digital age. So we looked into it and it's true. In the effort to move faster, do more with less, travel further, train harder and, in short, give more of one's self even more than ever before, something is lost. e casualty in all of this is time — those important moments to study while juggling kids' schedules, the valuable moments gathering with cohorts, or the precious few moments just relaxing alone. As a legacy of the Naval Reserve Association, the Pass the Torch Campaign provides you with the means to impart crucial information and tools to young Sailors who are still in the fight. Tools like AUSN's flagship publication, Navy magazine, that puts Sailors first with career-enhancing information about the most relevant issues pressing the Navy today. Within its pages, Sailors garner infor- mation found nowhere else that puts them first in the hyper-competitive world of today. AUSN's guidance offered as part of our career-enhancing services, such as record-reviews and professional-development seminars, continues to help countless Navy personnel to get ahead. AUSN's website is always being updated because Sailors look to it for the latest, breaking news and information that influ- ences them — issues like readiness, training and the cause and effects of big events such as the tragic USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain accidents at sea. By contributing to the Pass the Torch Campaign, you continue the legacy of your voice that protects shipmates throughout the halls of Congress, the corri- dors of the Pentagon and in the boardrooms of Ameri- ca's defense contractors. Will you preserve our beloved organization's 64-year tradition of helping our shipmates serve at their very best by donating to the Pass the Torch Campaign today? Brian B. Bauman is the Director of Membership and Marketing at AUSN. He can be reached at Tradition of Passing the Torch Your legacy is the foundation of tomorrow's Navy MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST 2ND CLASS JOSEPH E. MONTEMARANO Chief Aviation Electrician's Mate Kyla Richardson informs Sailors about recruit division commander opportunities during a career fair aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush March 24. AUSN's Pass the Torch Campaign is a way for members to share their service experiences and support career-networking opportunities for those serving today.

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